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Rental Specs

What all comes with my Scooter rental?


Rental Hours

Plan your vacation with rental durations.


Why Should I Pick a Scooter?

Four people renting scooters

Zip around Fort Myers Beach in the best way with a scooter rental.

  • Booking starts at $39 for 1 hour!
  • Scooter with a 49cc gas-powered engine
  • The cost of gas and any refill is included in the rental
  • Street legal with speeds up to 35mph
  • Easy to drive even with little to no experience.
  • Must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to rent (or under 18 with parent or guardian signature)
  • We are committed to ensuring our customer’s safety. View our cleaning guidelines here.

If you can’t find the dates or times you want online, give us a call so we can try our best to squeeze you in!

Have a valid motorcycle license?

Looking for something with more speed and range to explore?

Check out our 150cc scooters!
A couple riding scooter rentals

We offer various rental durations!

1 Hour: $39

2 Hours: $49

4 Hours: $59

8 Hours: $69

24 Hours: $79

1 Week: $279

1 Month: $789

Other durations available!

*Pricing per hour is based on 1 scooter rental.

Use our online booking tool to choose your scooter rental duration or call us to schedule your time!

Our rental rates include damage protection as well as the cost of gas and refills throughout the duration of your rental so all you have to do is focus on the fun! If you need more gas to enjoy your rental experience just stop in our shop and we’ll gladly top you off.